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H2Organics is operated by Mike "Gramps" Walker and his grandson, Brandon Bettencourt, both of The Woodlands, Texas, in partnership with their family.

H2Organics grows the freshest, healthiest USDA Certified Organic Microgreens and Lettuce available.  H2Organics vegetables are never, ever treated with pesticides or fungicides.  H2Organics is a USDA Certified Organic Greenhouse Farm using technology to grow without chemicals or pesticides.  

How we learned about Aquaponics

Gramps tells it this way:

It is said that 5 – 10 individual minutes in your life define your life. I guess that I have been luckier than most. The day I met my beautiful wife, the first time I met my 4 daughters and each of the 11 grandchildren give me 16 unbelievable defining minutes. It may sound strange to include the first time I heard of Aquaponics as the 17th minute; but I know that moment has fundamentally changed my life forever, as it has our entire family.

April 12, 2014, was a warm beautiful day in The Woodlands, Texas. I was just finishing working in the yard and so was my neighbor, Bill. I asked him if he would like a beer and he answered most affirmatively yes. So we pulled up the lawn chairs and started talking about politics, finances and the economy. Somewhere in the conversation Bill mentioned that he had been reading about Aquaponics. Having never heard of Aquaponics I asked him to explain. From the minute he started talking about the ecosystem that is Aquaponics, I have thought about it every day and most hours of those days. A passion was born that I cannot explain and have no idea where it came from. I had been in industrial equipment sales most of my life. The equipment we sold was designed to maintain the water chemistry in the large circulating systems in the industrial plants. The chemistry of the Aquaponics eco system was exciting and of great interest. I never spent anytime farming except a few days as a teenager when we helped our uncle harvest corn. I had never grown anything in my life.  But passion is a funny thing. You don’t go looking for it. It finds you.

And so our story began totally by accident while sitting in our front yard talking to a friend. We hope you enjoy H2Organics produce  available from our farm to your table.  Please let us know how we're doing!